Friday, February 06, 2009

Okie Dokie .........

Well, since I've been kicking around the idea of restarting this crap, I suppose I should just get with it and see how it plays out.

Nothing like a little, Pants Shitting Hysteria to start the day.

Via, David Codrea at the always wonderful, War on Guns website, comes this -

"A Wisconsin middle school teacher has been suspended. Her grave offense against acceptable norms? [S]chool officials discovered a photo of her with a gun on Facebook."

Over a friggin' photograph. OK, I know you're wondering what the photo looks like. Near as I can tell, this is the one that set off the alarms and caused the panties to be soiled -

Yeah, not good as far as safety rules and all that. But seriously, do you feel threatened looking at that? GMAFB.

Well, being that I am a 10th Level, Master of GoogleFu. I looked up the contact info for her school district, which you can find HERE. Your welcome.

Here is the short message I sent -

Dear Mr Childs,

Allow me to congratulate you on the fine job you're doing. Your treatment of Ms. Ramsdale, will most certainly qualify you and your school district as finalists for this years, "Asshole of the year" award.

Hopefully, it also qualifies you for litigation involving, "Hostile work environment". Treatment such as this, over a photo, definitely qualifies as hostile.

I hope she "Lawyers up" and takes the whole lot of you to the cleaners.

Respectfully yours,
Howie Feltersnatch

On sending that, I felt better immediately.

These are the type of folks that need an Angry, Rabid Badger, stuffed into their shorts.

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