Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon ......
Went to the Eye Doctor this morning for the check up. He said the pressure in my eye was to high. Then he pulled a 23gauge needle out of a drawer and I said, Shit!

He laughed and says, "Not to worry, I'm not using the pointy end."

He was right. He basically used the shaft to push some fluid out of the incision site and that was all there was to it.

My vision has improved tremendously in the couple of hours since. Good job, Doc!
Still have a bit of discomfort, but that's really minimal and hasn't been a big deal at all other than sunlight.

OK. No more whining.

Started gathering stuff for the latest garden project. I'm going to make a hoop house or grow tunnel. Not exactly a Green house, as I don't plan to add heat and use it through the Winter.
Basically, a real simple frame with real greenhouse plastic over it and the ends framed up with doors and vents.

Kinda like this.

I have almost all the framing parts on hand already. I had made a portable chicken coop framed like that, that I'd used for several years, till the Tornado kicked it's ass 2 years ago. Just picture that with closed ends and plastic. Being the scrounger that I am, I have 2 doors and a bunch of scrap framing lumber and plywood already. I'll have to fabricate a pair of window type vents on each end for when it gets hot so it doesn't get to warm in there.

Mostly gonna be to extend the seasons a bit. Earlier in the Spring and later in the Fall. I like these kinds of projects and it'll be a learning experience for me. I had a couple of small hotboxes and grow tunnels years ago that worked real well, but I've never tried anything quite this large before. We'll see how it goes. I plan on building right around a couple of the raised beds I built last Summer.

I picked up most of the hardware this morning and found good quality, 6 mil sheathing that has a 4 year guarantee online this morning. About $75 bucks for enough sheathing to do 10' x 14' and the ends. Not to shabby. Maybe $100 bucks total since I already have the framing and got 5 years out of it.

If this works out ok, I may build another later. But that's later. Can't get to carried away.

I have a butt load of work ahead of me this Spring. Feel free to volunteer. Pay sucks, but the tips are good.
Sorta like working at a circumcision clinic.

Yes, I am thinking about warmer weather today.


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