Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise .....

Greetings and Salutations, Loyal Minions! Friday the 13th and so far all is well. As long as you're not watching any of the Political News that is.
Quite enough of that already here this week and it doesn't matter what I say about it. So we'll just mosey on to other mundane things.

Puxatony Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of Winter the other day, but I saw a huge flock of Sandhill Cranes today in a field near my place. Hmmm. Who to believe? I'm gonna go with Phil, because his counterpart in New York, Charles G. Hogg had the opportunity and the good sense to bite a chunk out of the hand of, Gigantic Asshole Supreme and Mayor of The Big Apple, Michael Bloomberg.

Let's hear it for Chuck! Score one for Rodent on Rodent violence.
Yeah, that did make me laugh. To bad Chuck isn't Rabid.

Anyway, seeing all those Cranes and hearing flocks flying around all afternoon makes me wonder if Spring is closer than I thought. One can hope.

Growing up a Cubs Fan makes this delusional behavior much easier for me than it is for some of you.

Went to the Dentist this morning. Swell time. I still have a few teeth in my head. Trouble is they're all going to shit. Good times ahead. Fuck it. I LIKE applesauce.

Pruned the fruit trees this afternoon and started cleaning things up around the garden. Muddy as shit out there. I have a huge pile of wood chips the tree trimmers gave me just sitting out there waiting for me to spread around the garden beds.
Still waiting.

Feel free to volunteer for that job anytime.

Speaking of fruit trees. The tree order I made and was to be delivered at the end of March or the beginning of April came today. This doesn't really make me happy. I'm not at all prepared for them yet and I'm kinda wondering if they'll be ok till I am prepared.

Shit. Guess I'll find out.
We're not talking a small order here either. Around 24 trees and a couple dozen Berries and Grapes.

All that wind I mentioned the other day? Tore the shit out of the neighbors greenhouses. He has a business and hes 4-5 BIG greenhouses. Two of them got the shit tore out of them. I saw him out there working on them and stopped and asked him a few questions and did an up close eyeball on how those things are put together and generally annoyed him for a few minutes.
I'm planning on building a small grow tunnel in the garden and needed a bit of info. He was very nice and it took him almost 10 minutes before he told me to "Fuck off and get lost". Nice guy.

My people skills rock.

The Wife is out of town and it's just me an the dogs here. Other than the problems which come from the Grilled Cheese, Gummy Bears and Beer diet, everything is good.

Ok, that's a lie. I could'a killed the one Mutt when I got home from work last night. Long story. Long enough for it's own post. Maybe later tonight. It's not like I got something going on or anything. Faith Hill called and canceled. And I lost Shania's number.
Shit. Sucks to be me I guess.

But the floors are all nice and clean after the cleanup last night and this morning.

Anyway. Here's my idea for making some money this Fall. Tell me what you think.

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