Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lucky Dog .......
Two of them actually. Mine and the neighbors.

The GrumpyWife
has been told by the medical authorities that she shouldn't drive.

That means that YerUnk has been reduced to slave and chauffeur for her. This has crimped the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle time. It is Spring ya know and today would have been a good day to ride.

I had to hustle the wife to a couple of places this morning and then go see the Dentist myself for some more Extremely Expensive Dental Care.

So I wasn't in the best of moods when we got home this afternoon anyway.

I let the dogs out the back door to go do their Doggie thing and the neighbors big, German Shepperd came hauling ass over and tore into the big Boxer.
Never made a noise. Just came streaking at him like a missile and Big Boxer never even saw him coming.

Knocked that 100 lb Boxer ass over teakettle and was seriously getting started on tearing him a new one. I let out a yell and drew my pistol, fully intending to kill that SOB.

That's sorta when then they both got lucky.

He jumped off and back - Lucky for the Boxer.
The neighbor pulled into her driveway - Lucky for the Shepperd.

I fully intended to shoot the SonzaBitch and bury his ass out in the compost pile as this is the 2nd time he's pulled this shit. But since he hauled ass back home and over to where the neighbor was, I figured it was poor form to execute him in front of Her, in Her yard.

She's nice people and the dog belongs to her son. Dog got lucky twice.

My Big Boxer had a gash about 2'' on his side and several small punctures and scratches from the 5-10 second encounter. He's lucky I was there. That Shepperd would have kicked his ass and maybe killed him.

Considering the amount of damage sustained in the time involved, he got his ass handed to him as it was.

I sutured his side up on the kitchen floor with an assist from the wife. Yes, I keep that shit around the house.
It helps to know how to do things like that when need be.

Picture of the Doggie Damage

Note the suture materials on the side there.

This kinda knowledge comes in handy. Even if you can't sew someone up, you should have a good first aid kit.

That's today's lesson on that.

I sutured him up and he took it like a man. He's a helluva good dog.

Gratuitous Picture of the Day -

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