Monday, April 06, 2009

Pay Attention Here and Learn Something ......
David Codrea @ The War on Guns (Someone you SHOULD be reading daily, along with his Examiner column) had an interesting couple of links about a fella named, Lance Thomas.

No, I'd never heard of him before either. Quite a remarkable guy. Seems that Mr Thomas, was a watch dealer and fixer upper of high end watches in LA, California. It appears that the big Rolex sign out front of his little shop became a magnet for the type of people who find gainful employment disdainful and Dirtbags being Dirtbags..........

Well, a number of these folks, quite a large number really, tried to separate him from his goods at gunpoint.

All of them lost.
Most of them badly. As in dead and it doesn't get any more bad than that.
Good interview and story here. He was shot 4 times himself in one encounter, but finished the job at hand.

Yeah, He seems like kind of a BadAss. But watching and listening to him he comes off as just a normal guy. But one with a determination level that is pretty remarkable.

Massad Ayoob, a writer I like a lot, has a very good examination of the whole series of gunfights that Mr Thomas has been involved in. Yeah, I said Series of gunfights and details the nuts and bolts of things and gives some good commentary that we can all learn from.

I recommend you take a few minutes and check out the video and the Ayoob article. This isn't a new story and some of you may have heard of this guy before, but it was new to me so I thought I'd pass it on.

I'm pretty sure you'll learn something or at least see something that'll make you think.

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