Friday, April 03, 2009

Helpful Site For You DIY Types ......

I happened to find this today while cruising the web. This is a very nice site with whole lot of interesting reading and good, How To, Do It Yourself info on Small Farming, etc.

Journey to Forever
Online Library

The site is Huge. You could get lost in this place and that's probably not a bad thing if you have any interest in this sort of thing.

They have many entire books. I own this one - Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them I think I paid $10 bucks for it and it was money well spent.

I have read several excerpts of Sir Albert Howards work before and always wanted to read more of his stuff. No Problem now. There are several books of his in the entirety on site.

I really wish I'd found this last Fall so I could have been reading this inside while the weather was bad. Oh well. Better late than never.

This is going to the top of my Bookmarked List as I can see it being a great reference in the future.

OK. In Other News........

I finally got the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle out for a ride yesterday. It's been over a month since I rode.

Wow. It was nice even if it was a pretty short ride. Good for the mind and body.
The weather turned to shit shortly after I left and I made it home just before a very nasty storm blew in.
I don't wanna think about being out in that kinda shit. I ride in some crappy weather sometimes, but my, Riding KungFu has gotten pretty weak and out of shape. I used up a lot of it on my last trip.

That was a cold trip. BUt I want to go back West again.

With the Financial mess I'm in from all of the accumulated medical bills, it's unlikely that I'm going to be able to take an extended trip of any kind this year.
Maybe I should apply for a bailout.

Oh wait. I really didn't grossly mismanage my finances or do stupid shit with crooked Government folks so I doubt that idea's gonna fly. Oh well.

I'm gonna have to change plans and adjust to the reality of how things are right now and settle for what I can do.

Which may be a lot less. That's ok. I'm happy doing lots of things that don't require the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The hills of Southern Indiana are a good place to do lots of fun things on the cheap.

I'm seeing more camping and fishing in the future. I used to fish a lot, but somehow I got away from it. I've got a shitload of fishing gear that's in serious need of clean up and maintenance, but other than that, it's mostly serviceable. Some of the rods will need replaced as most of them ended up getting caught in car doors.
That's what garage sales and are for.

Gratuitous Picture for Today -
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