Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Night ........

It's been a busy week here at the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker".
Didn't get near as much done as I planned, but I did get a bunch of things done, so it's all good.

Got some beans planted today. Kentucky Wonder pole beans and some Black Turtle soup beans. If the peas ever get done I'll be planting a bunch of bush beans for canning.

Started on the garden expansion this afternoon. Since I'm not gonna be able to really spend the time on working up a new spot I decided to try something new. For me anyway.

What I did is spread some sheet plastic out on the area to be used. I weighted the edges with some concrete blocks and then turned some turf onto the edge area in between the blocks to sorta seal the whole thing off and make it air tight. Tossed some sods around the middle to keep the wind from blowing it to much and tearing things up.

The idea is that 60-90 days of good warm, sunny weather will cook all the weeds and grass, seeds included. Or so I've read.

We'll find out how efficient this is next year.

This ground was part of the old garden in years past and has had several tons of horse dookie added to it and is in much better shape overall than most of the crap I'm working on in the new area now. It'll be about a 30x50 foot extension and provide some much need room.

I've got 2 beds tied up with Strawberries now that really need a better place. I'm working on propagating a bunch of new plants in them now and will be able to transplant them all after they get done next year. I've got runners going out every which way right now that I'm trying to sort into a nice neat pattern. I should have strawberries out the wazoo next year and be able to transplant all the younger plants into a new bed then. That'll be a big improvement as I didn't anticipate tying up those beds this year.

Oh well. Strawberries are worth sacrificing for!

The Blackberry patch is gonna be gangbusters this year. All the rain we've had has really been good for them.

Soon to be Cobbler!
The GrumpyWife made some asskick jelly a couple of years ago from those bad boys and I'd like some more of that.

There's about 50 foot of bushes like this and they're all loaded.

That's not counting the wild ones that are all over the swampland that adjoins my property.

I haven't checked on the wild Raspberries yet, but need to. There's a bunch of them right next door too.

My transplanted Red Raspberries are gonna put out some berries too. I was sorta surprised by that. They were not looking to good last year before the transplant, but they look pretty good now. Needed the move I guess. I'll have to get a spot for them too pretty soon.

I'll be in the ER for the next couple of days, so see ya Monday.

Gratuitous Picture for Friday Night-
How'd you like to see that coming your way?


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