Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Mail From My Senator......

I was checking the email a little while ago and Indiana Senator, Evan Bayh had sent me mail about how proud he was to have voted yes on the Christmas Eve Healthcare Shit Sandwich Bill.

I had to reply.

Here's what I sent him.....

Dear Senator Bayh,
Thank you for this email.
Had you been answering the phones at ANY of your offices in the last 3 weeks when I tried to contact you or your staff, you'd have known that I was and still am adamantly opposed to this abortion of a bill.

I'm glad that you are proud to have voted "Yes".
You now own a piece of this crap and can be held accountable for that.

Be proud of pushing through this legislation in the middle of the night and forcing all citizens, through threat of government force, to purchase a, now inferior and more expensive product.

You may be proud of forcing me to pay for abortions, but I'm not at all happy about that.

You may be proud of helping the government in a fascist takeover of another huge piece of our national economy, but I'm not happy about that either.

Did you even read the bill prior to voting? Did you go through all 2500+ pages?
Don't bother answering that question. I already know the answer.

There is no way on Gods green earth that this spectacular crap sandwich will lower the cost of care and expenditures and it certainly won't lead to better care for the general public.

Oh, and that part where no one may make future changes in the bill? Beautiful.
I'm so looking forward to those death panels "recommending" what kind of care we receive and just who will be able to get it.

There were a lot of things that could have been done to improve care and help reduce costs, but nothing in this bill will do either.

There was no crisis in health care.

There was no reason this had to be forced down our throats like this in the middle of the night.

Go ahead and be proud of that vote and enjoy it now.

There was an overwhelming percentage of citizens who did not want this.
But you and your cohorts felt obligated to foist this on us anyway.

So much for a representative republic.

That it took massive bribery of at least 13 senators by Harry Reid to get the necessary votes shows 3 things.

1. The bill must not have been that good to begin with.

2. Senators are whores. Just not cheap whores.

3. You are a true believer in socialism and were to stupid to hold out for a sweetheart deal.

So thanks a lot, Senator for this spectacular shit sandwich of a bill and that demonstration of political power mongering.

And don't think we haven't noticed that you are exempt from this legislation.

In closing, I'd just like to thank you again for taking ownership of this.

You stupid son of a bitch.

(I put my real name on the reply)

I did forget the wish him a Merry Christmas. My bad.

Gratuitous Picture for Christmas Night-
Evan Bayh telling me it's raining.

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