Friday, December 18, 2009

Kawasaki Repair Shop & Presidential screwup #??????

Oh hell. Can't keep track of all of the Obama screwups.

Looks like this out in the garage today.
Here's DogBoys 1978 650cc he bought this fall. It's got a few electrical issues that are getting sorted right now.

Nice little bike. Just needs a little TLC to get up to speed.

Here's the Connie with most of the bodywork off.

Looks like the little tighten up I did on the radiator yesterday worked.

That certainly makes YerUnk happy. Getting into that hose is a major pain in the ass & I wasn't looking forward to digging into that again.

I keep the radio on when I'm farting around out there and every news break keeps going on about the Copenhagen climate meetings.

Doesn't sound like much is really getting accomplished there and for that we should all be glad.

Obama is having more Nuke Weapons reductions talks going too. This scares me. The Russians are gonna play this rookie like a fiddle again and that can't be good.

Sad part is, I know that the Russians are a bunch of cut throat bastards and not to be trusted to give a sucker an even break.

I don't know if Obama knows or cares about that.

Expect the Ruskies to make themselves a good deal and for Obama to sell us short.

Like in everything else he does.

This silly bastard couldn't get much more lame. I hope.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday-

Don't drink the Commie Koolaid, Comrade!

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