Monday, December 21, 2009

Something to Lighten My Mood.......

The black mood I've been under all day has needed something to relieve it.

This work for you?

I can look up on the wall above the computer here and see the autographed picture of Roy I have on the wall here. Long story of where and how I got it, but I'm not gonna tell it to ya even if the statute of limitations has run out.

Was lucky enough to see him 3-4 times and he may have been the best guitarist I ever had the pleasure to watch.
Howz-a-bout one more?

I last saw him in a small club in San Antonio during the Fall of 1986 during AIT while in the Army. Some young kid from Pittsburgh and I snuck out and took a cab downtown to see him. Cost us $20 bucks to get back into the barracks with out getting in trouble, but it was money well spent.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-

Some Dog impersonating Harry Reid.

That's you in the yellow tee shirt.

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