Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Crap. Just What I needed........

Another hobby.

4-5 years ago I started looking into Beekeeping. Even got started on building a couple of hives. I got over it and pushed the whole idea onto the back burner...........

Till I saw a nice old hive at a fleamarket really cheap (20 bucks) a couple of weeks ago.

Damn if I didn't obsess on it and a few days later I went back and bought it.

So now I've got this hive sitting out in the garage taking up space.
Shit. It's like the damn thing is whispering to me at night. "Clean me up and buy some Bees, Dumbass."

Now anyone who has known me for any time at all knows I have had an irrational fear of Bees and Wasps for years.
I wrecked a car once because there was a wasp in it fer Keeryst sake.

Well, I decided a number of years ago that I'd get over that fear and pretty much have. It's not, nor never was, fear of being stung. I deal with pain pretty well.
It was just the mental thing. And I decided that I wasn't gonna let some goofy fear control me anymore.

And Really, can you think of a better way to get past it than to get Bees and deal with them? I can't.

So Bees it's gonna be. Since I have planted 20+ fruit and nut trees over the last 2 years, it makes practical sense too.

Now the hive is pretty old and beat up, but it was complete with frames and 3 large hive bodies. Two of the which are in good shape. With a little work and a few more medium size hive bodies and a few accouterments , I'd have a 2 hive setup and be good to go.

Then all ya need is Bees. That may be a problem getting now, but I'll see. It's usually better to reserve them ahead of time and I still have to clean the hell out of things to make sure there's no contamination left over in them.

A normal guy would take their time and get everything squared away now and prepare for next year.

Yeah right. Not bloody likely fer me.

So it looks like I know what I'm gonna be doing the next couple of days. Cleaning and scrubbing out that hive.
And ordering all the other parts and pieces I need to get things going.

Oh well. A Beekeeper I shall be.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Night-

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