Thursday, April 01, 2010

You Never Know..........

Just what you'll find while riding around in Southern Indiana.

Beautiful day here in S. Indiana.
I was busy cleaning up the old beehive today and stabbed the shit out of myself with the knife I was using to scrape the frames down. Clumsy bastard.

So I figured to hell with anymore of that bullshit and decided to take the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle out for awhile before I die of some God awful infection from the puncture wound I inflicted on my arm.

Ok. I'll probably make it.
As My Old Man used to say - "It's to far from your heart to kill ya. Quit bitchin'."

So off I went after tending my wound.

It's amazing that I still find roads around here that I haven't been on before. At least I think that's so. Never can be to sure with my memory and just maybe this happens more in the Spring after being locked up in the house. Never can be to sure about these things anymore.

Either way it's kind of nice to ride a new road. Even if it only Seems new.

But seriously, the last thing I expected today was to be attacked by the Friggin' Afrika Korps!

I'm way the hell out in BFE, come around a curve and Damn!
Look at that.

Not exactly what I expected to find on a sunny Spring day.

Here's another view. I knew that cellphone would come in handy one of these days!

Since Field Marshall Rommel didn't pop out with a Panzerfaust or anything I had to stop and look.

Whoever owns this also has a US halftrack.

The US track was kinda odd. I crawled up and peaked inside at the production plate. It was made by White Truck and MOS
T of the production plate was in English. But almost everything anywhere else was in French. Including the unit designation on the back. Which I was not smart enough to get a picture of - DOH!!

I guess it was built by the US for French use. No real idea about that, but it's kinda interesting anyway.

So that's my - "There's something you don't see everyday, Edgar." moment for this Spring.

See, if I didn't have a motorcycle I'd never come across this kinda shit.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Evening-
And don't Cheat at Counter-Strike, Asshole


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