Sunday, April 04, 2010

Buy Now and Beat the Rush!!!!!!!!!!

It was pretty traumatic being ambushed by the Afrika Korps the other day (See post below) and I've been having trouble sleeping ever since.

Well, the answer to all my concerns is now only a really friggin large credit card bill away!!

T72 Tank for sale.

"We are a Russian armoured & surplus military vehicle and dealer. We export Russian T72 Tanks and other Defence equipment.

We offer the rare opportunity to buy a Modern Main Battle Tank, which is currently in front line service with many countries in the World.

The T72 are one of the most modern main battle tanks available to collectors to buy. The vehicles are direct release Army surplus. These Action Vehicles are faster, with better performance than Chieftan or M60 Tanks. They are fitted with reliable V12 diesel engines,and are ideal for off road driving experiance, business promotion,Film and TV hire.

We have Russian T72 Tanks for sale now. This vehicle is in very good condition the vehicle is advertised on Milweb for sale"

Shit. I want this one-

Seriously. Nothing says "Get off my lawn!!!!" quite like that.

And all it takes is a credit line as long as the horizon.

And if that's a bit much for you and your parking space is limited or you want something to impress the folks up at the lake house?
Here ya go!
1943 Volkswagen Type 66 Schwimmwagen. With an MG42 Machinegun mounted on it, this little baby would make an ass kick addition to the home.

"Exactly 15,125 VW Type 166 better known as Schwimmwagen were manufactured during World War II. At the conclusion of the war, all the vehicles that could be found were crushed or used for target practice by the Allied Forces. Consequently only 125 or so examples survive today."

Hell, they only want $200,000 for it.

Personally, for that price, I'd buy several of the tanks instead of this overpriced Volkswagon.
But if money was no object.........

OK, I admit that these 2 items are a bit on the pricey side. Some might even look at them as a bit extreme.
Not to mention all of the potential complications that could arise between you and your liberal friends, family and neighbors.

Here's what I suggest. Buy a couple of cases of the following and keep them around to sooth the ruffled feathers of those who get a case of The Vapors when pulling into the driveway and seeing that 125mm Main Gun from the T72 pointing in their direction.

Canned Unicorn Meat!

Shit. Throw in a couple of bags of Skittles and you'd have 'em eating out of your hand!

And don't forget The Tribbles 'N' Bits breakfast cereal!

Throw these in with the Canned Unicorn Meat and you are good to go.

Well, except with the vegans. But screw them. You shouldn't worry about what anyone who doesn't eat meat thinks anyway.


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