Monday, May 24, 2010

Is This For Real?????????

What I mean is, Have any of you heard or read up on S510? and is it as bad as this article says it is?

It's midnight and I just got home from work. I saw a comment on a site I go to that mentioned this and followed the link. Is this "Little Boy Crying Wolf" bullshit or is there something to this?

I have no idea at this point and I'm tired as hell and I ain't gonna go looking tonight.
So if any of you readers or passerby's know anything about this, sound off in the comments. I'll be researching some tomorrow but I have a pretty busy week scheduled and, if this Bill is as bad as it looks at first glance, we better be getting with the program and taking appropriate actions.

At first glance this looks bad. Check out the sponsors and who voted for this House version of it.

Ok kids. Your help is appreciated on this matter. Please let me know WTF is up with this.

Gratuitous Picture for a Very Early Monday Morning-


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