Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweat Yer Ass Off Friday.......
Just a few weeks ago I was complaining about how the weather was cold and wet.
Once again, be careful what you ask for. Now it's Hot and Humid. And it started raining again this evening. Rained just long enough to raise the humidity to about 100% but not cool things off any.

I'm not sure how folks in the Deep South deal with this as a regular way of life. I don't think I'm tough enough to live with that high heat and humidity all the time. I'm sure you must get used to it or there wouldn't be so many folks still there.

This is much better than the cold and wet for the plants in the garden though. It's also making the weeds and the lawn - same thing, weeds - grow like crazy.

And I'm falling behind again. I can see that the next week is gonna revolve around killing a lot of weeds. Lots of hoe work coming up.

I spent the day today planting trees and picking strawberries.
These are both good things.

A buddy of mine came by early today and picked a couple of gallon Ice Cream containers full of Strawberries.
I went out about 5 pm and here's what I got.

That's 10 lbs of Strawberries there.
I had the Wife weigh them to see how much was there.

This is the 2nd picking I've made so far.

Between the wet weather, bugs, birds and working the last 2 days, there were a ton of berries that were bad, too. If I were able to pick every day this week I'd have gotten 2 more containers like this.

Gonna get some jam out of this bunch I hope. Looks like there will be berries for at least another week or 2.
Fresh Strawberries,
like Beer, are a good reason to believe that there is indeed a God and that he love us.

There are other reasons too.

Yes, I plant flowers in with the Beans and Tomatoes.

See those Tomato cages? Old (as in, heavy gauge) fence wire. Picked up a couple of partial rolls of wire at an auction for $1 each and made cages from it.
Cheap way to make ass kick Tomato cages on the cheap. Keep your eye out and snatch shit like that up when it's cheap.

Hell, while were at it, here's a nice Delphinium picture.

I like having flowers around the garden. Not real utilitarian but it does make things a bit prettier and nicer.

Speaking of nice....

Lots of Pears coming on. should be a good year for them.

I don't know just what type of Pear these are but they sure are tasty. The Wife canned a bushel or so last year and they REALLY taste good about February.

Looks like we may get a decent Apple crop from this tree. We've never had a lot of luck with this tree & I'm not sure why.

I've got 5 more new ones planted and if this one doesn't start putting out a decent crop it's gone soon.
Maybe this year.

Took the picture a bit late in the evening and the flash sorta mucked things up. Oh well. Photography is not my strong suit. You get the idea.

I transplanted these Raspberries last year. They had just kinda hung out and hung on where they were planted before. It's pretty obvious that they like the new place. I have no idea why they responded so well to the move & if you do, feel free to chime in on that.

See what I mean about the weeds taking off? The Corn is gonna be over run if I don't get on top of that soon.
Drives me nuts when I know that I HAVE to get a particular job done soon but that's just how it is and you'd think I would be used to it by now.

But overall things are coming along. Everything is behind schedule but still doing ok and I guess you can't complain about that.

I do know that a, "Sweat Yer Ass Off Friday" now is gonna be worth it come January.

One more picture.

More Tomatoes, Peppers and home made cages.

Note the fence wire strung on the posts in the right side of this picture.
More of that $1 fencing providing an area for the cukes to climb on. Growing things in an upwards direction increases your usable space tremendously.

See ya Monday!

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