Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Morning and I have a Hot Date........
With the lawn mower.

Spent the better part of the morning yesterday replacing the drive belt on the thing. It ate it but after 3-4 years of hard service I have no complaint.

Had a hell of a time getting the new one on and I still can't figure out why. It had flipped the belt off once in the past and it was really quite easy to get back on. Don't know what I was doing wrong but all of a sudden - Bingo! It went right back on, easy as pie.

Whatever it was it's fixed now and I will likely spend the better part of the day trying to knock down the growth around here.

Hot humid weather makes everything grow well.

I don't mind cutting grass, but I do mind the time and expense it involves.
Much rather have the entire place fenced and cross fenced and have some livestock-critters keeping the growth down for me.

And then I could eat 'em later.
I dream of proper fencing at night.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Morning-

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