Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gardening Daze..........

Yeah, I worked myself into a daze yesterday. Got a bit too much heat and Sun and darn near made myself sick.
I was probably a bit dry before I started working and just didn't/couldn't keep enough fluids going in.

Felt pretty rough for awhile there. I knocked off about 2pm and spent the rest of the day inside pounding down water and Gator-aid.
Much better this morning.

I got out this morning just as the Sun was coming up and got in an hour or so of weeding work until it started to rain. It's still drizzling a bit but looks like it will stop before much longer. I'll hit it again in a little while.

The new garden area has been over run by weeds. Only took a week, too.
Here's what it looked like about 10 days ago.

Hey, still manageable right?
Wrong answer. All the grass and weeds took off like crazy and were threatening to over take everything.

I've got some
old bales of straw I picked up last year and a bunch of leaves saved for mulch that are just the ticket for this sort of thing.
After hoeing all the weeds out I put down the straw in the pathways and leaves in between the rows. Looks a lot better now.

Spending a couple of days on this now will save me a huge amount of work later.
If you let those weeds get the upper hand early, it'll become more of a problem and decrease your yields too.

I've still got to finish the
new Asparagus and Strawberry patches yet but should have those knocked out by tomorrow evening.

It's good work and if you don't get stupid and let the heat get to you, it's good for you too.

Beans are coming on strong now. They're gonna get the mulch treatment this week too.
All the beds are for that matter.
It's really hard to have to much mulch.
Smothers out the weeds, keeps the beds moist and rots away to help the soil.
Can't ask for much more than that.

With the shift to warmer weather, the peppers have finally started to take off. Took long enough.

The other day I was out on the backroads and came across a tree that had fallen on the road during a recent storm.

The County had cut it into sections and pushed it off into the ditch.

I stopped and loaded what I could into the little blue truck and brought it home.
Those longer sections are about 4 ft long and about kicked my ass getting them up out of the ditch and into the truck.
Nice freebie firewood.

Lumber jacking continues here as well.

My big saw needed some repair parts and is in the shop for now. I'll get after this project again when it gets back home.

Well, looks like the rain has stopped and since it's only 10am I'm heading out to weed and mulch some more.


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