Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Find the Darnedest Things in My Garage........

My garage is currently the definition of chaos. Huge mess and really needs to be cleaned and organized.
My wife and I were sitting out there a couple of days ago and she heard this odd noise coming from the general direction of a shelf holding oil, lube and assorted BS.

Look what we found.

I have no idea how this baby Hummer got herself caught down among the cans and bottles of grease and spray lube.
She was pretty stressed so we took here inside to cool off a bit and brought in the Hummingbird feeder too. I gave her a few sips of feed and in a few minutes she perked up.
We took her back outside and off she flew. Saw her hitting the feeder a few minutes later and that was it.
Pretty cool little birds.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Afternoon-
Hauling ass with the artillery.


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