Saturday, June 26, 2010


Or Pinkeye. Call it what you want, I got it and it sucks. Can't work because of it and I'm not real happy about that.

Not sure where I picked this shit up, as I have been away from the ER for the last 5 days. I already have drops as I get this crap from some little snot nosed, crumb-snatcher about every year so I should be good tomorrow. Hopefully.

I'd rather be at work today though. It's currently 90 degrees in the shade w/ humidity at 75-80%.
To hot for me in that sun.

Yes, I'd rather be at work if I can't even enjoy an unscheduled day off.
Even riding the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle is pretty uncomfortable on a day like this.

Bah. YerUnk will have to find something to do in the garage. It's in the shade and I have a fan out there at least.

I'm not used to sitting around inside all day. Already did laundry, dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and floors. Sure as hell ain't dusting too. Gotta leave something for the wife to do when she returns from her sisters tomorrow.

Screw it. I may go ride the bike anyway.

Update! In the comments, Mayberry, who lives way the hell down on the Gulf Coast of Texas, mentioned that the heat index around his way was 105.
I checked the local conditions here and the index is 110! That's just friggin' nuts. He's an easy 1000 miles South of here. It's supposed to be hot and humid where he lives. It's NOT supposed to be hotter in Indiana than it is in Corpus Christi!

That's just wrong.

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