Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who Needs Laws???????????

When we can regulate the Hell out of ya.

Hinkle: Homeowners Now Must Pay EPA's Hidden Tax

"In April, the EPA issued its edicts governing home renovation, repair, and painting (RRP). If reasonable regulations are a children's sandbox, the EPA's rules are the Gobi Desert.

First, companies that do home renovation and repairs have to receive EPA certification, and use certified renovators "trained by EPA-approved training providers" if they're working on any space larger than 6 square feet. So if you're getting more than one window replaced, the guy has to be EPA-certified. An eight-hour course costs $200 to $300, not counting the time and income lost. If he works without the government permission slip, he could face fines of $32,500 per violation, plus possible jail time."

OK, that shit is just depressing. We are gonna need a shitload of rope to correct this sort of thing.
H/T - Doug Ross

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