Thursday, November 25, 2010

YerUnk Wishes a Happy Thanksgiving..............

To All 'a Y'all!
Give thanks for all the good things we have today and pray for a future we can be thankful for.

I already mentioned a few of the things I'm thankful for a couple days ago. Lord knows there's plenty more than that too.

Being off work for the last 5 weeks has put a serious dent in the income and cash flow around here. But having a well stocked up Pantry has helped a bunch. Not having to spend a ton on groceries has been a blessing since the income has been cut in half.
Having again seen the benefit of being prepped for such an occasion, I would encourage all of ya, if you don't already, to start working on building up that pantry.

Maybe make it your, New Years Resolution or something.

You may be wondering just how to go about doing that and I'll refer you to Jackie Clay who's the expert on this sort of thing. Go read that article linked there and look around the Backwoods Home Website - especially the archives. There's a ton of good info, on a multitude of subjects there.

I want y'all to think about this, OK? Food prices have been rising fast and I don't see where that's gonna get any better anytime soon.
I had to put gasoline in the little blue truck the other day. First time in almost 2 months and got one hell of a shock. Gas cost .50 cents a gallon more than when I last filled up. I don't expect that to change to much to the better either and that's another good reason to build up that pantry if you're spending significantly more for energy/fuel that leaves less for food.

Unlike the Government, we just can't print money and spend what we don't have every month. And, even if I wanted to, I don't personally know any Chinese Bankers that want to loan me, basic budget money every month.

I woke up with this topic eating on my brain this morning. That doesn't normally happen so I figured I better go ahead and share it with ya.

If you have questions on this topic feel free to ask in the comments or via email ( & I'll be glad to help.

OK. Now that I got that out of the way.................

It is Thanksgiving and that means, Alice's Restaurant!

Yeah, it's a tradition here.

All the kids will be here this afternoon for dinner and we will listen to Arlo singing. Like every Thanksgiving. I'm thankful I have a great family that want to come hang out with, The Old Man.

Here's something cool. Or warm. Whatever.
It was spitting snow yesterday morning & It's currently 55 degrees outside.

The furnace has not run for well over 24 hours and I last loaded the woodstove around midnight last night.
Check this out-

That's incredible. I should'a figured out a way to get a woodstove a long time ago.
It's been quite a few years since we had a good stove & I forgot how nice it is.

If I had better insulation in the attic it would be even better. It's pretty lame up there and could use some more.

Just one more thing to add to the, "Shit I need to do when I get the money" List.

It's all good.
Like my friend, Jerry says - "Life is good. All ya got to do is live it."
Can't argue with that theory.

Again, I hope y'all have a nice day today.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday-
Phil Read Hauling Ass. Yeah, he was a badass.

Photo via - Motorcycle Picture of the Day

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