Monday, February 14, 2011

And Then it Got Quiet.........
Just like always.

I went to the front door a few minutes ago to have a smoke and heard the coyotes off in the distance howling. Being hearing impaired, I stepped out onto the porch to get a better listen and........... nothing.
Just like always they shut right up.

It amazes me that even though they were obviously a good distance away (at least 800+ yards) they shut right up when I step outside. I can stand there with the door open and they'll keep right on yelping even if they are right across the road.

Just as long as I don't step outside.

Damn things are smart, that's for sure.
Of course, I've never owned a night vision scope either.

I'm ok with Coyotes as long as I remember to lock up the Chicken House at night. They have a hell of a knack for coming by on the nights when I do forget to close things up.

On days when I'm not working, I alternate letting the 2 flocks out to forage during the day. They'll go in an roost when it gets dark and it's up to me to then secure the doors for them. All ya gotta do is forget once and you'll go out in the morning and find nothing but lots of little piles of feathers and maybe a foot or 2.

In the last 10 years it's happened twice and it always hurts. Losing critters to predators is just part of what happens out in the country, but being stupid and losing all of them at once sucks.

Last week, I opened the front door and let the dogs out to fertilize the yard and there were 2 Coyotes standing in the front yard not 40 feet from me. Those stupid Boxer dogs didn't even see them when they ran out to water the bushes and the Coyotes just trotted off across the road into the dark like ghosts.
Smooth SOB's.

I do like to listen when a bunch of them are carrying on though. Stirs something primal in a guy and makes you want to read a Jack London book or something.

Job interview tomorrow at the Big City Hospital. Wish me luck, say a prayer or sacrifice a goat. Whatever you think appropriate.

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