Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Garden Planning............

Today is a good day to sit around and think about just what to do with the garden this year.
My Genius Brother has a couple posts up about making an Apple Grinder and Cider Press and he linked to THIS GUY who has a ton of interesting & helpful things for around the house and garden. The thing that caught my eye was The row cover system. If it works like I think it should, it would eliminate a whole bunch of problems that I get every year. Looks simple and pretty cheap for the raised beds I plan on using it on.
Here's a picture from his site of what I'm talking about -

If it works, I will probably expand it into some of the row crops. Hell, if I'm ordering the cover material, I may be better off just ordering extra now. We'll see.

Anyway. If you garden, You may want to check out his many different sites as there's a whole bunch of info. I just scratched the surface so far today and I'm pretty sure there's a lot more.

Ordered seed corn this morning and that's about all I have to order as far as seeds go this year.

I've got a bunch of seed already and have been working on actively saving more. I think that Seed Saving is gonna become a necessity before long and is a skill all of us gardeners should be working on.

Spring is coming soon and it won't be long before it'll be time to get those Tomato seeds started!
I'm ready.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Afternoon-

Spring is coming, just don't be- "This Guy".
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