Friday, February 04, 2011

What Time is It???????
It's now officially Beer30.

I've been working on that Oak tree and the general woodcutting mess all day.
And my old ass is officially wore the hell out.
But that's a good thing.

Still working my way back into some semblance of physical fitness after the surgery last Fall. It's not like I was in great shape to begin with, but a 2 month layup of enforced inactivity was the last thing my spongy ass needed.

Today was one of those days where it became pretty obvious.
Now, all things considered it's a good thing for me to have my ass kicked by a day of hard work. That's how it'll get fixed, getting out there and using all those muscles that are tired right now.
Didn't get as much as I wanted done, but I made a damn good dent in things.
Everything is topped out and cut up with only the bole/trunk of that big Oak left to be cut up & then getting everything into one nice pile for easy splitting later.

Oak has a distinctive smell to it when cut. Some folks don't like it but I do.
Smells like money to me.

Now it's time for that beer!

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday evening-

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