Thursday, February 17, 2011

Global Warming is the Shit............
Took a nice ride on the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle yesterday afternoon. WooHoo!
It was friggin' beautiful. Around 65 degrees with partial sun. A bit on the windy side, but that's ok. I need that wind to dry my damn driveway out. It's turning into quicksand again and is gonna suck a car in like it did last Spring if it doesn't dry out.

So wind is good. We had a ton of wind all day today. Not much sun and not quite as warm, but for February? I'll take it. It'll probably snow next week again, but Spring is definitely on it's way.

I'm thinking that Punxatawny Phil may have been right this year. Everyday this week I've been hearing the Sandhill Cranes in the fields around here and that's a pretty solid sign that warm weather is coming on to stay.

I'm getting the seeds started for the Tomatoes and such tomorrow. I'm gonna get some lettuce & Spinach going in containers because the price of fresh greens and fruit are Gonna go through the roof real soon.

Better stock up now on frozen and canned goods before the price jumps.
You may wish to Start Paying Attention to Folks Like This Lady too. Go hit her site and just get after it. She's been out there in front of this for a long time.

Food seems to be the next area of crisis for our already boned economy. Got Garden????

There's been a lot of reporting about this and you all should be paying attention.

Here's my Go To Girl when it comes to frugal feeding of family and critters. I'm not shy and ask her questions frequently.
She's got a nice search function for her site too.

Better get with it, Kids. This could be a difficult year. I know that I'm expanding the garden again this year to include more for both us and the critters.

If you've never gardened or ever though about starting a garden or, G-d forbid, you are one of those suckers who bought one of those overpriced, "Survival Seed" packs in a can thinking you'd just crack it open and shit would start growing on it's own? Yeah, now would be a good time to test out that green thumb.
I've been growing stuff for years and the learning curve can be a bit tough at times.
Better start now before TSHTF.

It's very fun and rewarding. It's also a lot like work when you are starting from scratch. It looks like this year would be a good time to get going.

If you have limited space, Try Container Gardening. It'll amaze you how much you can grow in buckets, etc.

Questions?? Feel free to ask.

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