Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cold and Crappy Global Warming Spell..........
Had a hell of a thunderstorm blow through again last night.
Cold and wet again for most of the day today. The sun started peeking out around 3 or 4 this afternoon and maybe it'll warm up tomorrow.

This friggin global Warming tears my arthritic ass up. Doesn't do much for getting the garden going or all the other chores that need to be done.
It's gonna be a while now before things dry out enough to work the soil. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it.

Ordered some more trees today. Both fruit and nut trees. Here's hoping I have better luck than in than recent years.

Never had problems with tree planting till recently and I really have no idea WTF is going on or why the damn things just fail to get started.
I can understand the Deer eating a bunch of nut trees 2 years ago and last years drought (and my dumb ass not keeping them watered well enough) took out some of the fruit trees I planted last Spring. Shit happens and I'm a dumbass. I understand that.
But over the last 4-5 years, I've planted a dozen or more Pecan seedlings and have only 1 that made it. Same with the English Walnuts. Damn things just never grew.

Oh BTW, read the return policy before you buy. Some places are better than others when it comes to replacement.
Trust me.
I know this.

I have a Duck sitting on a clutch of eggs and 3 little hens that went broody right now. The 3 little hens are hilarious. They all 3 are jammed into one little nest and Lord only knows how many eggs are under them.
All the ducks are heading North as soon as the babies hatch. One of the Docs I work with wants them and I'm tired of them crapping in my garage. It's a win all around.

I don't need any chicks, but good broody hens are a plus and I'm interested in how well they do with this.
I'll end up giving chicks away I imagine.

Crappy cell phone picture there, but you can see all 3 of them jammed into that little spot.
That kinda stuff makes me laugh.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Night-


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