Friday, April 22, 2011

Mystery Chicks Update............

Found the missing 3rd hen this morning, but she was all alone. Any chicks that hatched either got lost or eaten by critters.
That's the way is goes sometimes.

Another storm outside. Like we need anymore damn rain. The roads all over are flooded out already and more rain is not what we need.
I guess that's the way that goes sometimes too.

Nothing to do about it.
I've been hanging out in the house today playing guitar some and trying to learn the pickin' parts of this Steve Goodman song -

Lovely song and always a favorite of mine. I'll probably never get those parts down exact, but close enough will be ok.

Damn shame he died of leukemia so young.
He was a great songwriter and one hell of a good guitarist. Check out the licks on this song-

As you can see, his sense of humor carried over into his songs, too-

This song makes me think of My Old Man-

Gratuitous Picture for a Stormy Friday-


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