Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Update.........

Been busy the last couple of days. Worked Thursday till late and yesterday - THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!!!

Got some yard work done and then, KidK and I drove South and I bought a small utility trailer that was advertised on craigslist.
Nothing fancy, but will really fill a need for hauling shit around here. And it was cheap!
No picture yet. I left it parked at KidK's house as it was getting dark and the trailer doesn't have lights.

No title or plates either, so we drove the 60 miles or so home hoping to not end up with Officer Friendly noticing that fact.
All good. Hopefully Monday, when I go to pick it up, the river will be back within it's banks and I can take the more direct route home, too.
Still a lot of roads flooded here.

Gotta go get myself prepped for work and fighting the Zombie Hordes this weekend. See ya Monday.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-
Maybe I should have watched the wedding.


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