Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Big Ass Tree Work..........
One of my neighbors had a huge old Maple tree taken down by the power company awhile back and it's been laying in his front yard since about December.

Some friend of his started cutting it up for firewood but apparently gave up after the easy part was done. So he asked me if I would cut it up and get it out of there for him.

Me being a sucker and a nice guy said "Sure, I can do that".

Holy shit. That thing is at least 48 inches in diameter and about 20 feet long. Not counting the branches still attached to it.

But never the less I went to work on it this afternoon and made a big dent in getting it cut up. Tomorrow I have to figure a way of turning it over so I can finish cutting it into sections. Just me and the Cant Hook/Pevey ain't gonna do it. Gonna take more power than my old ass can muster to roll that big thing over.

I'll take the chain and some big ass spikes and try to use his 4 wheeler to do it. It's to wet to pull my truck up in his yard.

We'll see. Once I get that thing cut into sections I will have to split them right there in order to get 'em to a small enough size that I can move.
Oh boy. Wedges and sledge hammer time. I wish I could weigh a few of those sections just to see how big they are.
Ah, it's all good. My ass needs the exercise anyway and there's gonna be a shit ton of good firewood.

The Sun even came out for an hour or 2 this afternoon. Hope that trend holds up.
The farmers are gonna be cutting it close getting crops in the ground as it is. More rain could be a disaster.
Farming = Legalized Gambling. I don't know how they do it sometimes.

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