Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Common Sense Remarks Spur Me to.........

Common Sense Reactions.

In the post below I was wondering how I was gonna turn that big ass tree over to finish cutting it up into manageable sections.

Toaster802 of Green Mountains Homesteading left the following in the comments - "ass that tree around with that tractor. That will make it go!"

He was right about that, too. The problem was I needed to replace one of the rear rims that was rusted through to the tune of - the tube was bulging out.
It was bad when I bought the tractor last Fall and I've just been farting around not wanting to spend the money to get it fixed as there was other things that also needed fixing.

You know how it is. Since you and I can't just print the money when we need it, like the Government does, I'd been holding off on this project.

Till Toaster left that comment.

I called the local tire guy and damn if he didn't have the rim and tube in stock and had the service truck available today too.
Well shit, what was I to do but say, "Go for it"?

The service guy came out and changed it out right here for way less than I would have figured and there ya go.
My little tractor is all better (in this area) and I drove it down to where I was working on that Big Ass Tree and turned it over as slick as you please.

This was the maiden voyage out on pavement and it handled well. I'd never even had it in Road Gear before today.

So there ya go!
I'm almost finished on the tree. The tractor is mostly functional now and all's right with the world.

Sometimes I just need a prod in the right direction to do what needs to be done.

Thanks, Toaster!

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