Monday, October 10, 2011

Bill Whittle, Brilliant as Always.............
Nails it once again-

Live Free or Die from Christian Vezilj on Vimeo.

(H/T - Theo Spark)

I have a serious Man Crush on Bill Whittle. In a totally Hetero and Manly way of course.

After you watch that video, read this- Judge Rules No Right to Own a Cow or Drink Its Milk

WI Judge to Zinniker, FTCLDF: No “Fundamental Right to Own a Cow, or Consume Its Milk… Am I Making Myself Clear?”
~ David Gumpert

"In his opinion the Judge rejected out of hand the Zinniker plaintiffs’ argument that they had a fundamental right to possess, use and enjoy their property (including “a fundamental right to own a cow, and to use their cows in a manner that does not cause harm a third party”); he stated this claim was “wholly without merit.”

The judge went on to hold that the plaintiffs were operating a dairy farm and were therefore subject to the requirements of Wisconsin’s dairy code.

Wanting to get more specific reasons for the judge’s dismissal of their rights, the Zinniker plaintiffs filed a Motion for Clarification with the court...."

"On September 9, Judge Fiedler issued his decision on the motion, stating that the court’s August 12 denial of plaintiffs’ motion for judgment meant the following:

(1) Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd;

(2) Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow;

(3) Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to board their cow at the farm of a farmer;

(4) The Zinniker Plaintiffs’ private contract does not fall outside the scope of the States’ police power;

(5) Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice;"

I mentioned this case a few Weeks ago.
So if I read this all correctly, there is more than one Judge in WI that needs a swift kick in the nutsack when it comes to food freedom. Or freedom in general.
(H/T - Sipsey Street)

I will do what I
damn well please when it comes to food or animal products raised here at my place. Fuck all, Y'all if you think otherwise & that's all I have to say about that.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Evening-


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