Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years Eve and NO Drunks in the ER???????????????

Maybe there is something to that Mayan calendar/End of the world thing.

I've worked New Years Eve for a lot of years and there's always a couple of drunk assholes that find there way in.
Either via the Police, EMS or, my personal favorite, The Concerned Friends - "She's got Alcohol Poisoning!"

There is the occasional real tragedy, as where Mr -"I Drive Better When I'm Drunk", wraps his car around a tree killing his wife while not having a scratch on his ass.

What do ya say to that guy when when starts sobering up and asking where his wife is?
Believe me, you DON'T say what you're really thinking.

Nope. Not a single alcohol related visit to the ER last night.
Just the usual collection of coughs, colds, kids with a fever, the fell down went boom cases,
Fat Chicks who don't have a date for New Years Eve, Pain Clinic Patients who have "Mysteriously" run out of pain meds at the end of the month during the holidays and Nursing Home turf jobs of septic Grannies that should have been seen 4-5 days ago when they were just marginally ill.

The absence of at least one Loud Obnoxious Drunk had me looking over my shoulder all night expecting EMS to hit us with a Mass Casualty of some sort.

I am a faithful follower and believer in both Darwin and Murphy's Law.

Which of course means - Tonight is Gonna Suck Ass.

Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Happy New Year to all Y'all out there!

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