Monday, January 02, 2012

Why I Don't Like Year End "Best Of" Lists..........

They are friggin' worthless. All the lists in all the categories are nothing but subjective responses of the writers themselves.

David Codrea points this out and says it better than I can right here-
AP ‘top 10’ list confirms media still ignoring Fast and Furious story
"Officials of the United States government allowed guns to be smuggled across international borders into a sovereign neighboring country—where they were received by murderous cartels, and which resulted in the deaths of American law enforcement officers and untold numbers of Mexican (and U.S.?) citizens—all the while leaving the Mexican government in the dark and stonewalling numerous Congressional inquiries to prevent exposing how high up in the administration approval and direction came from—and that does not make the top 10?"

It's a daily annoyance that we have to slog through the Bias and Bullshit of any reportage by the MSM anymore and it gets frustrating for sure. But I'd like the think that MOST people are smart enough to recognize Bullshit when they see it. (Yeah, I know, wishful thinking).

But Codrea points out something that I've been bitching about for a long time. The real power of the MSM isn't what they report about. No matter how they try to spin it.

The real power of the MSM is in what they DON'T report.

I have both of Codrea's sites linked here over on the right sidebar ---------->

The War on Guns, his Blogspot place with daily info and "Only Ones" updates.
If you don't know the originator of "The Only Ones", meet, Lee Paige -

Ya gotta admit he is one tough SOB. Shot himself and kept on going.

The daily, Gun Rights Examiner column is his other site.
And that's the one I want to tell ya about here.

Codrea was one of 2 folks who were behind the "Fast and Furious" scandal story ever breaking at all. He and Sipsey Street Irregulars broke this story and got the ball rolling as far as it has so far.
Codrea gets paid for views of the Gun Rights Examiner site.

So what am I trying to tell ya here?
Do yourself a favor and check in there everyday.
Because it'll make you Smarter, Sexier and The Life of the Party! That's why.

PLUS, it'll help support a much needed voice and a good guy who's on top of important things that effect you and your Country.

OK! I hope all of Y'all do that everyday. All 3 or 4 of that read this place anyway.
But even if it's only 3 or 4, every bit helps and it only takes a minute of your time.
If you have a website, Link it too.

Thanks Kids. I appreciate it.

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