Saturday, August 20, 2005

Situational Awareness or - More Cell Phone Funnies!

Here's an example of how my Situational Awareness has kept me out of trouble lately. On my way South on Hwy 135 this afternoon, I was coming up to beautiful Freetown, IN. when I saw some Shitstain in a 1 ton Dodge dually coming down the hill in town on a street that comes to a T intersection w/ 135. I just KNEW that Asshole was gonna run the stop sign and turn Left in front of me. I was half right. He ran the stop sign and turned right instead. But he swung that big ass Dually so wide, he was totally in my lane while he swung it back into his lane to go North.


I was so surprised.

Being aware of my surroundings, I was at a complete stop (watching the mirrors for those who aren't aware) when he pulled by me. I must be living right or something because his window was down too. Yes, I gave him a 1 finger salute and called him a VERY, VERY, Bad Name. I even got his Mom mentioned before he was by me. See, Situational Awareness allowed me to totally avoid a bad time and prepare a proper and fitting insult for this fellow.

Life is good.

I keep waiting for someone to start randomly shooting assholes talking on their cell phones while driving. If I'm on the jury - He Walks.

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