Monday, April 17, 2006

It's the Little Things .......

That get Ya.

When I started the Concours Caliper rebuild last week, I'd found I needed a couple of things that weren't included in the rebuild kit I'd ordered from Murph. Bummer.

I went to the local dealer and of course, He didn't have them either. I ordered them and went home and spent a day cleaning everything up nice and purdy.

Today, I picked up the, extremely overpriced springs and crush washers and went home to finish this job. So far so good. Started on the rear caliper and it all went back together quite easily. Moved up front. Knocked out one of them.

Started on the last one and ... WHAM! Damn, if I didn't break one of these little bastard springs that keep the brake pads in place. (If you're really retentive it's Part number 92081.

I should've noticed that it was worn when I cleaned all this shit up last week I guess. Snapped one of the little Titties off as easy as you please. Shit.

Called around to several dealers in a radius of 1 hour or so driving time. Nope. Nobody's got one. More shit. Called the local dealer and ordered a pair of the little bastards and now I'm deadlined on finishing this till next week.

Oh well. Can't get to worked up, it'll get done eventually and the weather lately has been mostly rain and Tornados anyway.

I'll just add a picture of Pandas fucking here as an illistration of things that don't seem to work out right as often as hoped.

Like most of the mechanical projects I undertake.

Yeah, hot Panda action.


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