Monday, May 01, 2006

Important Birth Announcement!!!!!!!

We have baby chicks! 9 little fluffy chicks hatched over the weekend from the incubator.

Yes, Unk loves his chickens. Surlys Ol' Man, Chief, got me started on raising Black Java chickens several years ago. Java's are an old fashioned breed that were almost extinct a decade or so ago. They have been brought back and now there's a pretty good collection of them out there.

We had a massacre of the Black breeding stock a month ago by either the neighbors dogs or coyotes.

I gathered up the eggs left from the recently departed and added some from the not so good, mixed Black and White Javas and set a bunch of 17 eggs in the incubator.

Nine, cute little chicks. Let's hope there not all Roosters.
Photo courtesy of - THE place for chicken info!
Here's a link for more pics and info -

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