Thursday, April 20, 2006

Daydreaming of the Isle of Man TT ...
One of the trips I want to take someday is to the TT races at the Isle of Mann. I've about squeezed a semi-serious commitment from the youngest son, Dogboy on an 07 or 08 trip. I'd go for pushing the credit card limit to the max to make that trip.

Postcard from 1980. Maybe I'll be able to send you all one next year.

Here's a couple of retro pics for the meantime.

1959 Going up the Mountain Road.

Couldn't have an IOM post without a Norton Manx now could we?

Oh hell, Here's a Manx motor cutaway too.

All images courtesy of -
This is a really nice site that I will probably add to the links on the sidebar.

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