Monday, April 17, 2006

Home, Home on the Range .....

All of the Unks Children were at the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker" this evening for a belated Easter Dinner. The Grumpy Grandma was in attendance, to fill out the table too.

After dinner, we got a pistol, very similar to the one above, and proceeded to make a bunch of noise in the back yard.

I like to periodically fire off 50 - 100 rounds just to keep the neighbors honest, but today was special.
I wanted to get the 2 older children involved. Therapy Boy has had an abnormal fear of weapons for a long time. The Daughter unit has never been around 'em to much and needs to get familiar. (I'll tell ya more about why later.)

So I grabbed a box of 100 and some ear plugs and away we went. Dogboy went to the barn and brought a couple of Feedsacks up and we mounted them on the Sycamore tree in the backyard we use for this stuff.

Yeah, it's nice living in the country.

I gave everyone the standard range/gun safety lecture and a demo on loading and clearing, etc. All safety, all the time. No, I'm serious about that shit.

Anyway, it only took a few shots for both of them to settle down and start having fun. This is good. I'm hoping to get them both more involved in shooting.

I'm hoping to be able to buy all of the kids a pistol this year, get them trained and CCW licensed.
It's going to be a big expense, but I'm gonna figure out a way to do it.

It's getting time for me to go, so I'll have to tell you about what happened to the Daughter unit tomorrow. Yeah, it was scary and it has jump started me on getting the kids trained up.

My bad as a Dad. Only 1 of the 3 is proficient and comfortable with firearms. I'm gonna fix that this year.

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