Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Took the Two Lane Roads ....

Home from the Funeral Sunday. I rode the Big Blue Bike up North for Mom's Funeral last week, knowing that the ride home would be therapeutic.

Sometimes I get it right.

I had made a high speed, superslab run on the way up and knew that was not gonna happen on the return trip. I took a bunch of small State and County roads and turned a 3 hour, 200 mile drive, into a 10 hour ride of 300 miles.

As it should be on a Motorcycle.

I dicked around and stopped when ever I felt like it & checked out a small Train Museum in some little ass town. I'm a real sucker for following an interesting sign. Show me a "See the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine" sign? I'm there, Baby!

Oh BTW, it's in Cawker City, Kansas. Yeah, I drove 200 miles out of my way to see that one time on a trip out West.

Same thing with "The Cadillac Ranch" in Texas. There's no sign for that, but I knew about where it was ... And hey, I was in Texas already! It turned out to be only 400 miles off the planned route. Texas is sorta big, so 400 miles doesn't seem like that much of a diversion in a place that size.

Well, Things here are hopefully, gonna settle back into a new routine after We get Mom's stuff in order. That's gonna take awhile as her important shit is scattered all over the place. Her thought processes were too, so I guess that makes an odd sorta sense.

Lots of work to do on getting her shit in order. Therapeutic Motorcycle rides will ensue with regularity I think.

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