Monday, July 31, 2006

More Mid-Ohio ..........

Saturday afternoon, Chief and I went to hear Craig Vetter give a lecture on his "How they got 470 MPG in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contest." Chief has a high mileage vehicle project with his school kids. So, that fit right in for him. Pretty interesting talk.

Chief knows a lot about this shit so he shared with me and I'm brighter for it. Of course, that SOB knows a lot about a whole bunch of things. He really is a Wise Ass.

We went and hunted out Gary Nixon in the pits -

I bought a cool photo from the stuff he was selling.
Chief and I both had him sign things also. He was funny as hell and very friendly. And Damn, he still rides fast.

We watched him haul ass on this thing -
Click to enlarge.Yeah, he's an old fart but he can still run rings around most people.

Oh yeah, the picture I bought looks like this-
Click to enlarge.
(Again, click it to see it full size)

A pretty fun day all around.

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