Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Final Mid-Ohio update ..........
For now anyway.

Chief and I split up Sunday morning. He was staying in Ohio and I had to head for home. I took a quick run back out to the track and visited the The crew at the campground area I'd wanted to meet.

Seems I really missed out by not staying at the campground. They had a big Bike show and BBQ Saturday night and a bunch of the TonUp Gang was there. I met a few of them in the pits earlier Saturday morning, but I am sorry I missed the chance to meet and shoot the shit with these folks. Next year I may have to break my 'No Camping' rule. My back doesn't do sleeping on the ground to well and Chief and I did the Motel thing.

I headed out and took 2 lane roads towards home. I wasn't in a hurry and Interstate doesn't do it for me. I was basically winging it, as I didn't have an Ohio map. I snuck a peek at one at a gas stop, but being the cheap ass I am, I didn't buy it.

No problem. As I was cruising into Plain City, Ohio, I ran across this-
Yeah, a real nice Old Car Show.
Click to enlarge.
Since old cars are another thing I like a bunch, I stopped. I spent 2 bucks to get in and walked around and checked 'em out. Cooled off in the shade and had a bottle of water as it was about 95 degrees out.
Click to enlarge.
There were over 300 cars there, and as you can see, they were some beauties.
Click to enlarge.
I really didn't take the time I needed to check 'em out well. But Hey, it was one of those unexpected bonuses of not taking the Superslab. A good surprise to add to an already great weekend.

I had a great weekend. Good ride (not counting the rainstorm).Cool bikes. Got to get all "FanBoy" over Agostini, Mann and Nixon. And best of all, I had a great time hanging out with Chief. We don't get to see much of each other and You tend to forget how much fun we have when we do hang out.

So thanks for coming over and hanging out. Hope you had as much fun as I did, Bro.
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