Monday, November 13, 2006

Medora Bridge..............

Continuing with our ride last week, Clint and I rode to The Medora Bridge next -

I didn't take this picture. It came from This site. One of several sites, that reader, Charley was nice enough to send me. This sorta' participation is encouraged, folks. Thanks, Charley!!

This Bridge is HUGE. 458 feet long, built on three piers. It's the longest covered bridge in the United States and the last standing triple span bridge in Indiana. I doubt that's gonna be true for long. This bad boy is in rough shape and is not gonna be here long.

Supposedly, there was a significant amount of money set aside for repairs in 2000. I didn't see any indication of them spending it on the bridge. The roof, on the East end is bad and leaks a lot of water, and there's not enough sunlight to dry anything out, so the deck is going fast. It was spongy with just me walking on it. Yes, I'm overweight, but not that damn much.
You can see some of the roof damage (Sorry for the blurry pic) here -

This is probably a bad sign too-

But you gotta love the graffiti! "Kyle is a Fagget". Maybe, maybe not, but one can hope that Kyle can spell better than this Doofus.

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