Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Working on the Lost Links, Etc...............

I've been putting off this project for awhile, so I worked a bit on the links that were lost awhile back & added a few new ones tonight. I still need to replace the links I had to the Soldiers and Servicemember support areas. I'll get those up soon.

Here's some of the new, Hoosier Mafia folks -
Mrs Jose Goldbloom

Dazd and Confused

Here's Army Wife and friend - Shannon. Who got lost on the big mess and link disaster.

And last but not least is Jean. Pondering, while looking through a Beauvoirglass.

Now, if I have missed anyone who was, should be or wants to be over on the links sidebar, drop me a line and I'll see how ambitious I feel and/or what kind of mood I'm in.

Fartin' around with the links and what not shouldn't be all that big a deal, but I have a remarkable talent for screwing things up. I did keep a copy of the revised template this time, so if I screw it up again, I will hopefully be able to fix it easier.


This picture gives you an idea of what I look like when I start working on computer crap. I'm talkin' work.


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