Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days Where Everything Goes Right?????

Me neither.

But today was OK so I'll be happy with that.

My Fathers, "Lawn Mower Gene" kicked in the other day. The 3 year old lawn mower broke a belt a couple of weeks ago. Well, shit happens and stuff wears out.

$75 dollars to replace the damn thing!!!!

Ouch. As in, "My ass hurts from that screwing. Didn't even get a reach around", kinda ouch.
Now, being the smart guy that I am, I saved the paperwork and had a belt number so I could find one on the Interwebz for half that price.

Except I didn't expect to break another one in only 2 weeks.

Man that sucks.

It takes to long to earn $75 bucks to be buying them like that.

Oh well. Sometimes shit happens.

In other news - I found a web site of a guy who built a HoopHouse a year ago and has great plans and experience to share about it.
If you have been all green with envy seeing the HoopHouse here, you can follow his very good instructions and make one for yourself. Cheap.

Check it out Here.

No, I didn't make the link directly to the HoopHouse stuff. That's because you should look around first. He's got a lot of good info and such on gardening. Just check in the sidebar for the Greenhouse info and make sure to follow the update links.

(This was supposed to be posted Tuesday night, but due to a storm the Interwebz connection was not working)

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Night-

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