Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning......
Spent the day Friday out with a friend and went up to an antique tractor show.

My kind of entertainment.
Cockshutt and Oliver were the featured brands and there were some very nice examples on display.

Like this one. I've not seen a lot of Cockshutt's before and they are a pretty tractor.

There were quite a few stationary motors powering various things. One of the neat ones was this home electrical generator. Check out the batteries. The owner said it came from an old farm in Kentucky and would have produced 32 volts of DC power. If I remember right, that's what the old wind generators produced also.
Check out the battery bank.

Glass cases on the batteries.

There were 4-5 Steam units there too. This shit is always impressive.

This Case was running a sawmill and produced a whopping 40 horsepower at the pulley for the belt and 25 HP at the back wheels.

This was one of my favorites.

Rhumley, Oil Pull made in LaPorte, Indiana.

Lots more nice stuff that I'll post a few more pics of Monday.

Off to the ER for my regular Zombie Holiday weekend.
Be good and stay safe.

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