Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Couple of Good Reads .......
Something to read for ya'll.

First, Doctor Zero at Hotair puts one into the cheap seats while explaining Who We Are to those who are confused about what's really happening out there lately.

Lots of folks are beginning to wake up to the theft of our Republic and they are angry.

BTW, Think about that and plan accordingly.

Next, we have, MIke at Cold Fury responding to the pants shitting hysteria around the poster.

Shit, you should know which poster I'm talking about.
This One-

It's amazing how much gnashing of teeth has erupted from this thing. Mike pretty well covers it in his response to some bed wetter in the Washington Post.

I forgot just how good, Mike was at gutting fish like that. I'll have to put him back on the daily read list.

My bad.

Gratuitous Variant on a Thursday Night-

Like I said. You really should be thinking about just what is going on.
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