Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jeff Beck, Indy, 6-21-10.........
Went to see Jeff Beck the other night up in Indy. My good friend and motorcycle buddy, DrJ secured tickets awhile back told me in no uncertain terms that, "I WAS going".

It wasn't like it's a problem or anything to go see Jeff Beck. It was something that I hadn't ever done in the past.

Holy shit. I KNEW he was a great guitarist.
I didn't know just how great he was.

He may have the best technique of ANY guitar player I have ever seen.
I don't say that lightly. Other than Jimi Hendrix, I've seen just about all of the great guitarists out there in the last 35 years or so.

I've never seen anyone do what he does. He is just unbelievable.

The band members with him, Bass, Drums and Keyboards were all exceptional in their own right and everyone got a chance to stretch a bit and showcase their talents.
Lots of spontaneous interplay between them all and a lot of smiles while doing it.

I'd smile too, if I could make music like that.

I really should emphasize just how good the band was. You can read a bit about them at the link.
It's not often that you see a band where EVERYONE is so damn good.

There was a bit of a glitch though. DrJ wasn't able to go so I took the youngest son, DogBoy. I'm very glad he got to see that show. DogBoy plays drums and I'm pretty sure that seeing Narada Michael Walden pound the living shit out of the drums was a good motivator for him to practice. Read his bio, he's got a lot of other things going for him than just being an ass-kick drummer.

Very diverse song selection too. I damn near cried by the time he finished this song.

Check out how he manipulates the Whammy Bar and the volume knob while playing this. Also note about 1:15 into this, how he hits those harmonics, way up at the top of the neck. I didn't even know there were harmonics up there. He did this routinely in other songs just running through solos.
Crazy. Never saw anything like it.

Here's a Beatles cover they did-

Just an all around good show. If you get a chance to see him? Don't miss it.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Evening-


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