Friday, July 02, 2010

Hey it's Good to be Back Home Again........

Great little road trip. Had a very nice ride up and back. I'm thankful that so many folks consider this "Flyover Country". It's haying time and the fields are cut with windrows of hay waiting for the baler.
Absolutely beautiful.

Got home yesterday afternoon but needed to jump right off TheBigBluePlasticMotorcycle and into the little blue truck and run to a friends place to retrieve the Rototiller and then run it somewhere else before I could relax from the trip.

That total round trip equaled about 170 miles. Added to the 220 miles of getting home earlier in the day made for a long day and a hell of a lot of pretty scenery.

I'll post a review of the Bryon Lee show and the fabulous venue, "Skips Party Place" later today.
I have a date with the lawn mower this morning that I had best get after right now.

Here's a preview for ya.
Check out that young kid on the other guitar. Two different styles that compliment each other perfectly.


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