Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Narcotic Laced Post............

Mr Vicoprofen, my new best friend, informs me I should post something today. So here goes.

From Op-Toons comes this interesting news report-
"Obama Holds Huge Rallies at Unemployment Offices Around the Country"

"Thank you all for coming," said Obama to a capacity crowd who streamed in lines between the cubicles of unemployment officers. "It's a testament to your faith in Democratic economic policies that you've all come here today to hear my message, and to collect your checks."
There's a great picture too.

Via Right Wing News-

"Add Tattoo Artists To The List Of People You Don’t Want Angry At You"

"A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been charged by police in Ipswich for allegedly tattooing a penis on a man's back - instead of the image he had requested."
Well, that certainly makes sense. No damn picture though.

Stormbringer has 2 great "Compare and Contrast" posts today. They are photo based so you'll just have to go see 'em as I just can't swipe 'em.

#1. Desk Issues

#2 The Difference between the USA and a Muslim Country explained
Yep, if a picture is worth a thousand words................... Just go see.

OK, I'm gonna go back to my stupor now.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-


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