Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday...............

I guess we're supposed to go spend all of our money on shit no one needs today. Or at least that's how it seems.
Not happening here. Can't imagine even leaving the house today and merging with the Zombie hordes out there.

Like most things, I'm ass backwards on topics like this. The wife and I have been going through the house over the last few days looking at crap to get rid of. I damn sure don't need any more shit I don't use around here.

When did the whole, "Black Friday" thing get so big anyway?
Not that I pay attention to crap like this, but I don't remember when this becoming a big deal. Maybe its always been like this & I just missed it.

I understand that kind of, Black Friday.

Edit Update - OK. This shit I REALLY don't understand-

One more example of why a 1918 Flu Epidemic would probably be beneficial for the gene pool.
H/T - Ace of Spades

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday-
I'm already thinking about next years Garden

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